Space Camp

Advance Space Academy - Huntsville, Alabama

What is Space Camp?

SPACE CAMP is a program to promote the study of math, science, and technology.  Space Camp is fully endorsed by NASA.

Space Camp has week long programs that cater for 9 year olds through to adults. Our most popular programs are noted below.


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The Advanced Space Academy program sees students participate in a rigorous program that teaches them about the mental, emotional and physical demands astronauts’ face and provides leadership training as well as learning the importance of teamwork. Students are guided through the past, present and future of space exploration.


Trainees see the first rocket that put an American in space, the massive Saturn V rocket that took us to the Moon, and the capsules early astronauts used during their missions. Students climb the tallest mountain on Mars on our Mars Climbing Wall and experience 4 G’s of lift off force on the Space Shot™ simulator. They get an astronaut’s eye view of the earth while watching amazing films in our IMAX® Spacedome Theater and Digital 3D Movie Theater.


Students are able to focus on their own field of Space interest:


Mission Specialist

Space Suit Theory and Design – Space Physiology – Scuba Space Walk Training.



Aeronautic Design – Jet Aircraft Simulations -Orbital Mechanics .

The Aviation Challenge Mach III Program at NASA Space Camp challenges high school trainees in the fields of aerodynamics, aeronautics and jet propulsion. This military-style program uses simulated, realistic combat scenarios and hands-on activities to give trainees an understanding of the basics of flight physiology and wilderness survival.  Advanced program simulators reinforce leadership, teamwork and decision-making while building realistic piloting skills. Trainees also learn wilderness survival skills, food procurement and orienteering.  Trainees practice take-offs and landing, air-to-air training, teamwork, aerodynamics and flight physiology. Then they’ll prove they’re the best in the head-to-head simulated fighter pilot scenario – the ultimate Top Gun competition.


Flight Simulators

Take-off and landing – Navigational training – Teamwork – Air-to-ground training.


Aviation Principals

Aerodynamic Lectures – Centrifuge Simulator – Airport Operations – Aeronautic Lectures.


​Tour Dates for Space Camp

March & September are the peak times for Secondary Schools bookings. Booking as early as possible is essential & highly recommended.